The Journey of The Miners Part 2

This is part two of our series of the living history of Concave. If you would like to read part 1, please read here.

Policy Role

Graphic credit Rukka

At this point in time, the number of miners in the server continued to increase rapidly, and it became clear that the community was a force to be reckoned with. The caves were populated. Culture was created, and every miner found their own groups to work with. Any talent that you had would be welcome in the Concave.

It was at this moment that the miners were put to the test. The voice of Concave spoke to them and gave them the most difficult task to date, to seek out all of the OHM forks that existed and create a benefit and risk analysis on which communities Concave should form connections with. Unlike the other tasks that the miners were given, this task required very specialized skill sets. Miners had to look at areas such as Bond Control Variables, Smart Contract Analysis, and Dilution Rate. The miners who stepped up to the task would be rewarded with the Policy role, a prestigious role that was given to the miners who showed their skills and dedication by putting the work needed to make this document worthy of the Concave name.

What the community came up with was nothing short of incredible. Over 140 OHM forks across various chains were documented, and the miners conducted comprehensive analysis to see which OHM fork Concave should work with. You can see this breathing document here.

The Choir

The Concave had some great writers, meme creators, and designers, but what about singers? The miners needed some music and sick beats to liven up the caves. The voice of the Concave then created another role for miners to inhabit, the Choir role. The Choir role was reserved to the bards who could sing from their heart about the Concave. Miners would write out original songs and sing throughout the cave, expressing their love and appreciation for the Concave.

This new age of song would lead the community to create a Karaoke Night where miners would gather to have a singing competition where they would be judged by community organizers. Miners who had the courage to sing in front of 200 people crowd were given the choir role. The best singer of the Karaoke night would also be given a special role, the Karaoke King.

The Philosophers of Concave

In a small corner of the Concave, there were a group of miners who would spend their days theorizing what Concave was in the Research Center. Inevitably, some of this research would delve deep into the realm of philosophy. The voices of the Concave told the scholars to read various books, such as Metamagical Themas by Douglas R. Hofstadter to enrich their knowledge and understand more about the philosophy behind Concave. The miners who continued to plunge themselves into philosophical works such as these would earn the role of Philosopher. This role was given sparingly. Only the miners who put in substantial research and work would be considered. Here is a quote from one of the written works from a philosopher in the community.

A Nash equilibrium is, in fact, a combination of individual decisions, called “strategies”, where each one correctly anticipates the choices of the others; there is self-realization, since the outcome realized is the result of decisions made in the belief that it will be realized. In fact, the big — and only — question a player asks himself when making his choice is, in game theory: what will the other player do? The player’s beliefs about the behavior of the others are therefore essential to the decision.” -Coussins#6969

Concave NFTs

As technology developed in the caves, the voices of the cave decided to give miners a new and important task.

The first task was to create an NFT project from scratch using The Colors NFT primitive. The Colors is an NFT collection of rare colors on the Ethereum Blockchain. This is the first task where miners had to leave their caves and explore another cavern. Connections were needed, and miners could learn about other communities and mutually prosper together.

For the second task, Miners were asked to create NFT collections for Concave that instilled the passion of the community into imaginative NFT collection. This would be a difficult task as you would need technical knowledge, organization skills, and the creative skill to create excellent art. However, the reward was astounding. Not only would you receive the highly coveted Engineer role and be able to work with the team, you would also receive an invite to a secret part of the cave where you would find whitelist invites, something that all miners were seeking. The miners got to work, quickly self organizing and creating some amazing NFT collections that showcase the spirit of the Concave.

Fitness and Culture

As the Concave community grew, so did their desire to help each other grow in positive ways. In the Spring, miners started to share fitness and health tips, wanting other community members to be fit and healthy so that every miner could be strong and ready to support concave. This ultimately led to the creation of a sub channel called the Gymnasium, a place where miners would support each other and give tips on how to better themselves in mind and body. Miners in the gymnasium would share regular updates on their body improvements, encourage each other to do better, and this would become a place that embodied the culture of WAGMI.

The Fabled Whitelist

One goal that every miner in the cave had was to get into the legendary whitelist, a secret area of the cave where treasures could be found. The whitelist is an exclusive invitation that miners could receive and use to buy Concave tokens before anyone else. While everyone was working hard for that status, there was no true guidance on how to receive the whitelist; only the belief if you put in the work and effort, you would be rewarded.

One day, that all changed. The voices of the Concave gave clear guidance on how one would be able to receive the whitelist. All holders of Concave NFTs would be eligible for a whitelist, and the roles that miners obtained would be important elements to receiving a Whitelist spot as well. Not all whitelist allocations were created equal. The more proof of work you had could possibly determine the allocation you could purchase. You can read more information about the whitelist here.

As the miners listened, their hearts filled with renewed energy and optimism at the possibility of their hard work paying off. The miners cheered each other on and many went to purchase some sweet community Concave NFTs. Others continued to work hard for the roles, believing wholeheartedly that their hard work would pay off. The Concave is a cave of opportunity, a place where every miner believed that they could make it. The sound of WAGMI echoed as the community continued their journey, hopeful of where the future would take them.

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